Types of HDMI Cables

Thursday , 16, February 2017 Leave a comment

HDMI cables have become the type of cables which is used for a lot of electronic devices, especially the latest released one.  So, you need to know beforehand whether the device that you will buy can support an hdmi splitter or not. After that, you need to know which type of cables is suitable for the hdmi splitter on the device. If the seller of the device does not understand the products you buy, you need to find out in advance about the HDMI device technology through a person who does know or information from the Internet.

Currently, there are three types of HDMI connector sizes are often found:

–    Full Size HDMI or A Type
The most common type and is often found. Usually used by TV LCD or LED, computer monitor, projector, DVD player, Blue-ray disc player, STB, Parabola Decoder, HD media player, etc.

–    Mini HDMI or C Type
This type of HDMI cables is typically used for output from the electronic devices such as Handy cam, Digital Camera, and some tablet computers.

–    Micro HDMI or D Type
Typically, the D-type or the micro HDMI cable is used by electronic devices such as specified mobile phones and tablet computers.