Search Engine: What to Know?

Thursday , 2, March 2017 Leave a comment

Some people might be bewildered when they are asked about search engine. On the contrary, they will be give the quick respond when they are asked about Google or Yahoo. Well, for you who are still confused for what the search engine is, we’d like to tell you what the search engine is. Google and Yahoo are the types of search engine because they function as a tool that given the access of the internet visitors to find what they are looking for.

Basically, the search engine is aimed to help the internet users find what they are looking for in the internet. For example, if you are running real estate business, your potential customer will find your website or ads on the internet by typing the keyword on the search engine. One thing to be keep in mind is that you need to hire the real estate seo to help your search becomes more visible on the search engine page.

There are some components of search engine that you might need to know before hire the real estate seo, they are:

1. Query interface and engine
The query interface and engine are the components that enable you to use Google, Yahoo, and other search engine. Query interface and engine will provide the visitors any information of what they are looking for and ,match the keyword with relevant website.

2. Database
Database is basically a collection or list of documents and records of all sites on the internet. The larger scale of the internet database means the greater storage capacity needed. In another word, database is like a memory.

3. Indexer
Indexer is a program to speed up the search process. The philosophy used is similar to the principle of the use of the index in dictionaries or books that you use when searching for specific parts like chapters of a book or word from a dictionary.

4. Spider
Spider is the most important component in a searching engine. It is a component that will record every site on the internet periodically and continuously. For each site, this component would have taken the key words of archives and documents in addition to the address or domain of the website