Review of Camera 360 degrees: Nokia Ozoa

Monday , 20, February 2017 Leave a comment

In the market, there are currently a lot of virtual reality cameras or cameras 360 degrees that you can find. However, the camera 360 degrees below is claimed to be a top rated product and produce an impressive image as it allows users to produce high-quality virtual reality content. Here is the brief review.

Even Nokia recently announced the intention of a return to the realm of smartphones, the first Finnish company to introduce virtual reality cameras to the public. The camera on this one is called Nokia Ozoa. Inside the Nokia Ozoa, there are eight sensors that can be used to capture images from different angles. More interestingly, the eight sensors, each equipped with a microphone so that audio produced more impressive. Features Nokia Ozo very attractive for professionals, such as the ability to render video in low resolution before rendering her in high resolution, allowing movie makers could monitor the results in real-time through a virtual reality headset without the need to wait for long.