The mistakes that you must avoid in the B1 English Exam

Saturday , 11, February 2017 Leave a comment

The B1 English exam is one of the most important qualifications for a person to get the UK visa. Although there are many people who’ve claimed that getting the UK visa isn’t as hard as the USA visa, you shouldn’t let that statement fool you and make you underestimate the test. Visit the if you want to know more about this test.

There are many people who’ve failed the test due to they’ve underestimated it. Here are the mistakes that you must avoid in the B1 English Test.

1. Coming late

It’s one of the most common reasons of why a person failed the test. By coming late, you will increase your own anxiety level, which will hamper you to think clearly and disturb your communication with the examiner as well.

2. Bad behavior

No matter how good your English is, if you’re not maintaining the good attitude, the examiner might make you fail the test. Be polite, and everything will be fine.

3. Don’t learn about the latest global trending topic

Remember that the test will be the speaking and listening test, thus the examiner will use a prepared topic as the discussion materials. If you don’t know about the latest global trending topic, it will be hard for you to answer the examiner’s questions.