What to Consider When Looking for an Electricity Efficiency Pool Pump

Saturday , 4, March 2017 Leave a comment

Each of the pool pumps has each kind in terms of size and function. In selecting one of the pool pump motors which can be efficient in electricity, you should start to consider the size, capacity, and power of the pump so that you will be able to achieve your goal to have a pool pump motor that can save on electric bill works and has appropriate electrical consumption. Then, how do you choose the right pool pump for your swimming pool? What things do you need to consider? Here are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a pool pump:

1. Size Swimming Pool

The pool size that you have may determine how many liters of water are occupied. It is important for us to know this so that you can calculate the flow capacity of the pool circulation. A circulation flow capacity of the pool is then calculated within a certain period. This is measured by the capacity or cubic liters per meter per hour.

3. Pump size

Choosing a pump with a capacity that is too big can also cause damage to pipelines and other installations. It also can lead to rupture of the pipe and can actually damage the pump itself. This condition can occur because you installed a pump that is too big on the suction side of the recirculation system.

Pump with a capacity of even small circulation can also cause slow rotation and dirt to be settled on the bottom of the pool, especially in that kind of old and when it is too big can also create excessive flow, which can erode the piping system.

One example for measuring the capacity of the pool, for example, we have a pool measuring 10 x 5 meters and has a height of 1.2 meters of water. Thus, the total available water in your swimming pool is 60 cubic feet of water (10x5x1,2 = 60m3). Pump you need a capacity of approximately 60m³ per hour.